WEEBLY step-by-step.pdf
                                Saving, Undo, Publishing
• Weebly automatically saves your work.
• Weebly does not have an undo feature. More or less, just delete it and do again.
• Exception: In the case of text, you can often still press CONTROL-Z (PC) OR COMMAND-Z(Mac) on your keyboard to undo what you have just done.
• However, if you have deleted something, it’s deleted and you will have to redo it.
• Also, from time to time, Weebly can freeze or get stuck in a certain editing
• I have had the best success using Weebly with Google Chrome and Safari,
• Internet Explorer and Weebly do not work well together. Don't use Explore on your Windows computer.
• The best solution I have found is to simply exit the editor and return. Because it automatically saves, you will still have all of your work, prior to that last step, when it froze.
• To view your website on the web, click Publish in the editor, the URL to your site will appear when published, click on it to go to your site.